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Quantifying Crop Trends with Drones and Accurate NDVI Mapping

Drone pilots mapping for agriculture can choose from a variety of hardware options. While most begin with the visible spectrum (RGB) cameras that come standard on drones like the DJI Phantom 4 Pro, many turn to sensors designed specifically for agriculture in order to perform more accurate, scientific analysis of plant health.
In July, we announced our support for SLANTRANGE multispectral sensors. Drone Deploy customers can now fly and capture imagery and process and interpret maps using sensors from SLANTRANGE — all compatible with the latest DJI drones.
Last week, we held a webinar with Matthew Barre from SLANTRANGE to dig deeper into what this means for our users. During the webinar, we discussed how you can use Drone Deploy along with SLANTRANGE sensors to collect multispectral imagery of your fields and quantify crop trends with NDVI field maps. There are many reasons to consider using multispectral imagery on the farm for crop scouting and analysis, which we talked about during the webinar.
If you missed the live webinar, no sweat. You can watch the entire recording here to learn how to put SLANTRANGE and Drone Deploy to work in the field.

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