Aerial Services For Thermal Power

In thermal power projects, we offer inspection, monitoring, surveying, and mapping services by identifying hotspots, heat leaks, and malfunctioning components, enabling faster and safer operations to improve inventory management, storage space optimization, security, and real-time surveillance of critical infrastructure.

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Thermal Power Plant Inspection and Survey

Explore Our Software Based Services

Mapping Services

  • Topographical survey
  • 2D & 3D model construction
  • Distance, volume & area calculations
  • Asset profiling (Chimneys, flare stack, cooling towers)
  • Progress monitoring
Mapping Services
Inspection Services

Inspection Services

  • Asset condition monitoring
  • Construction progress monitoring
  • Volumetric data estimation
  • Real-time visual and thermal data feed
  • Heat profiling of the plant
  • Plant safety management

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