Expedite claims inspections and underwriting processes

We offer aerial inspections, progress monitoring, and aerial videography services for various assets, including chimneys, flare stacks, stockyards, pipelines, and plants, resulting in lower O&M costs, accurate maintenance, and reduced operational risk.

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General Insurance Claim Inspection
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General Insurance Claim Inspection


  • Aerial site assessments and inspections
  • Periodic risky disaster zone monitoring and reporting
  • Asset condition monitoring during insurance tenure
  • On-demand inspection of industrial assets


  • Emergency drone team deployment for swift FNOLs
  • Live streaming from catastrophe zone
  • Comprehensive visual evidence gathering
  • Visual loss assessment reporting

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BlueHawk blends industry-leading workflows with proprietary AI models to automate maintenance, inspection and monitoring tasks.

  • Automating manual inspections
  • AI-powered anomaly and fault detection
  • Actionable intelligence & comprehensive reports

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