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GarudaUAV a Trentar group company and part of Dorf ketal family. Dorf Ketal is a global leader and an Indian MNC with a strong presence around the globe. It is in the development, commercialization, marketing, and application of specialty-engineered chemistries for oil and gas industries.

GarudaUAV established in 2017 has quickly expanded its footprint in different business verticals in a very short span of time to become a leading software-based aerial (manned and unmanned) services provider. We drive our core strength based on cost-effective cutting-edge technology in various industry verticals. We provide quick and effective intelligence which reduces time and cost and improves safety and enables us to take faster decisions.

We aim at rejuvenating conventional and obsolete technologies with state-of-the-art software-based airborne services as a solution to deliver highly accurate & precise results. The in-house developed proprietary cloud-based Artificial Intelligence enabled platform “BlueHawk” provides a one-stop-shop for end-to-end project management like the digital evidence to support the investigation made in the progress monitoring reports, workforce and resource planning, field updates, data management, Survey and mapping data analysis, safety, and surveillance dashboard for constant monitoring, Project Progress Monitoring & Time schedule Analysis to project delivery. We are one of the leading companies to possess expertise in utilizing different sensors like airborne LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging), drone lidar, drone thermal, airborne Hyperspectral, and bathymetry sensors amongst others.

We provide software-based aerial services majorly in eighteen (18) different industry verticals. Some of our key verticals include Mining, Forestry, Agriculture, Disaster Risk Management, Railways & Metro, Roads & Highways, Powerline, Water Resource & Irrigation, Urban Planning, Oil & Gas, Archaeology, Dams & Hydro Power, Solar Power, Manufacturing, General Insurance, Construction & Infrastructure, Thermal Power, Telecom Towers, etc. Our services include aerial surveys, FLS (final location survey), engineering surveys, mapping, visual and thermal inspection, DPR (detail project report), bathymetry survey, volumetric analysis, carbon mapping, species identification, health and safety monitoring, digitization, 3-D modeling, process automation, Construction progress monitoring services, pre-disaster and post-disaster surveys, and general insurance of assets.

Trentar is a group company of the Dorf Ketal family. Trentar is a full-stack UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) solutions company with two wings: GarudaUAV as a software-based Aerial service provider and Rfly Innovations as an unmanned aerial vehicle and spare part manufacturer.

Dorf Ketal Chemicals headquartered in Mumbai is a global leader with a strong presence in India, Brazil, the USA, and SE Asia. Founded in 1992, Dorf Ketal has demonstrated product and service excellence in the largest refineries and petrochemical plants in the world. Dorf Ketal launched Trentar with the objective of creating a strong presence in the new realm of possibilities like UAV technology, advanced visual data analytics, AI/ML (Artificial Intelligence/ machine learning), Robotics, and project consultancy.

Our Journey

Sure, definite steps towards success.

garudauav founded in 2017


Year we were founded

400+ projects delivered


Projects delivered

18 verticals we serve


Verticals we serve

100+ satisfied Customers


Satisfied Customers

Our Values

Our first steps towards value creation.


We are accountable to all our stakeholders – employees, customers, partners, vendors and regulators.


If it hasn’t been done, it must be done. We’re the first to experiment, attempt and fail fast. That’s how we succeed.


We emphasise on the speed of our delivery. But we’re responsible enough to blend it with direction.

Our Team

Brijesh Pandey - Founder & CEO at GarudaUAV
Brijesh Pandey

Founder & CEO

Seshadri Viswanathan - Chief NBD Office at GarudaUAV
Seshadri Viswanathan


Sudhir Menon - Chairman
PN Ramaswamy


Sudhir Menon - Chairman
Sudhir Menon


Subodh Menon - Director
Subodh Menon

Managing Director

Sanjay Salian - Sr. Vice President (Corporate Affairs)
Sanjay Salian

Sr. Vice President – Corporate Affairs

Shailesh Malhotra - Sr. Vice President (Sales)
Shailesh Malhotra

Sr. Vice President – Sales