Aerial services for forests & environment

We offer UAV and MAV-based topographical surveys of the forest, mangroves and wetland areas, monitoring of young plantations, conduct tree counting, vegetation health mapping, encroachment analysis, biomass estimation, forest carbon stock mapping, mangrove sapling monitoring, biodiversity mapping, tree species mapping, site suitability planning for afforestation, canopy structure, forest fire management, Wildlife corridor mapping, geofencing, catchment area mapping, burnt area mapping, forest fire tracking and initiation mapping, vegetation mapping of wetland area, change detection monitoring of wetland in near real-time. We use various sensors based on the requirement of the services in forestry (natural and urban), mangroves, and wetlands.

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Mapping & Analytical DPR Services

Mapping & Analytical DPR Services

  • Topographical survey and boundary demarcation
  • Above Ground Biomass Analysis
  • Carbon Sequestration Estimation
  • Tree census or tree counting
  • Tree Cover and density analysis
  • Canopy cover assessment
  • Deforestation assessment
  • Afforestation Planning
  • Young Plantation Monitoring
  • Burnt Area Assessment and Fire Risk Assessment
  • Flood inundation model for mangrove
  • Mapping and Management of Mangroves areas
  • Forest Health Mapping
  • Land use land cover mapping for natural resources
  • Planning for Mangroves afforestation site suitability analysis
  • Wildlife corridor mapping

Multispectral & Hyperspectral based services

  • Land-Cover classification based on species of forest/mangrove.
  • Monitoring plant disease, insect pests and invasive species of Forest/urban forest/agriculture/mangrove.
  • Health analytics of trees in forest/mangrove
  • Quantifying Soil Property Variability (in open areas)
  • Forest Fire prediction with species analytics and fire fuel analytics
  • Species Based Land Use and Land Cover
  • Foliage Projective Cover Analysis
  • Vegetation Chemistry and Moisture Analysis
  • Detecting forest disturbance and recovery over long and multiple time periods
Multispectral and Hyperspectral based services for Forestry
Thermal Sensor Based Services for Forestry

Thermal sensor based services

  • Wildlife Tracking and Mapping Routes
  • Early Detection of Forest Fire Focus
  • Patrolling for illegal activities
  • Human animal conflict management
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) in fire behavior modelling for response to forest fires

LiDAR Based Analytics

  • Vertical Forest Structure Characterization
  • LAI analysis
  • Individual Crown and Gap Size Analysis


We provide the final inspection, mapping, survey and DPR reports on BlueHawk Forestry that has an actionable aerial intelligence to reduce time and costs, improve safety and make faster decisions in the O&M functions that transform traditional operations and maintenance (O&M) functions by delivering real-time data-driven insights to decision-makers. Dashboard analytics and platform will enable the user to have a repository of the data and perform various functions such as annotation marking, zooming in, zooming out, applying filters, comments etc. Users can generate customized reports in .pdf as well as .xlsx format.

  • Near Real Time Change Detection Monitoring
  • Automated Mission Planning
  • Real-time Data Synchronization to Cloud
  • Geo-tagged Asset Mapping
  • AI-Powered Fault Annotations
  • Inspection Gallery to Annotate the Anomalies and Severity

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