Aerial Services For Construction & infrastructure

We provide UAV/drone based aerial survey and mapping, digital elevation model generation, digital terrain model generation, digital surface model generation. Construction progress monitoring, 3D modelling, and AI based prediction modelling, crucial component like boiler chimney stack. Special events videography for future reference like installation of boiler, chimney. BIM model creation. Internal external inspections, thermal visual inspection for anomaly detection. Aerial videography services for various assets, including chimneys, flare stacks, stockyards, pipelines, and plants, for precision maintenance, and reduced downtime and help in proactive measures.

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Construction Inspection

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  • Topographical Surveys
  • DTM, DEM, DSM Generation
  • Land Use Land Cover
  • Encroachment Analysis
  • Vegetation Cover Mapping
  • RoW/RoU Profiling
  • Town Planning Data Acquisition


  • Construction Progress Monitoring
  • Change Detection
  • Time Laps Monitoring
  • AI based 3D Predictive Model
  • AI/ML based Surveillance
  • Volumetric Estimations


  • Thermal and Visual Inspection
  • UT based Thickness Measurement
  • Traffic Route Planning
  • Crowd Management
  • Smart City Planning
  • Emergency First Responders
  • Integrated Maintenance Workflows

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