Fully automated and scalable tower asset management

We offer telecom tower inspections, aerial surveys, and asset management services, including thermal and visual inspections, safety audits, line of sight analysis, antenna level height audits, and 3D modeling to assist engineers in assessing damage and planning repairs.

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Telecom Tower Inspection
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Telecom Tower Inspection

Mapping & Inspections

  • Aerial topographical survey & mapping
  • Visual & thermal inspection
  • LoS analysis
  • Drive test mission planning
  • Antenna level heights
  • Angle analysis for azimuth, plumb & tilt
  • 3D model generation, annotation and reports

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BlueHawk blends industry-leading workflows with proprietary AI models to automate maintenance, inspection and monitoring tasks.

  • Automating manual inspections
  • AI-powered anomaly and fault detection
  • Actionable intelligence & comprehensive reports

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