Scalable, cost-effective and automated wind turbine inspections.

GarudaUAV offers wind power companies complete drone-based mapping and inspection services. We offer visual and thermal inspection of wind turbines to detect faults such as blade conditions, cracks, blade deformation, tower condition, foundation condition, any encroachments or impediments, incidents like lightning strikes, bird hits etc. Our drone-based inspection includes vegetation encroachment analysis, inspection & monitoring of wind turbines, internal damage inspection, core defects inspection, balancing material problem detection, structural installation monitoring, resin gaps analysis, lightning strikes and flashovers, and safety audits.

Wind Turbine Inspection

Survey & Mapping Services

  • Pre-commissioning survey
  • Topographical survey
  • Vegetation encroachment analysis

Inspection & Monitoring Services

  • Internal damages inspection
  • Core defects inspection
  • Balancing material problems
  • Structural installation monitoring
  • Resin gaps analysis
  • Lightning strike / flashover
  • Routine inspection
  • Safety audits
  • Routine operations & maintenance

Actionable Aerial Intelligence

  • Automated mission planning
  • Real-time data synchronisation to cloud
  • Geo-tagged asset mapping
  • AI-powered fault annotations
  • Online fault & asset search ability
  • Maintenance alerts & notifications
  • Fully automated O&M
  • Automatic report generation & sharing

Get to know BlueHawk better!

BlueHawk blends industry-leading workflows with proprietary AI models to automate maintenance, inspection and monitoring tasks.

  • Automating manual inspections
  • AI-powered anomaly and fault detection
  • Actionable intelligence & comprehensive reports


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