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Drone Companies in India,Drone Services, Aerial Mapping, Drone Survey, Solar Inspection, Aerial Thermography
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Transmission Line

Power and its continual supply is the backbone for the uninterrupted growth of Indian economy. Any faulty handling of this resource can severely hamper the smooth functioning of the major sectors. UAVs provide a strong dataset from aerial perspective, that help not only in maintenance procedures but also in identification of potential threats in the power stations and power lines. GarudaUAV has conducted inspection of transmission towers in visual and thermal spectrums. This data helps in continual working and maintenance of the structures.

Key Points
  • GarudaUAV Mission Planner
  • Live Inspection and UAV control through control room
  • Automatic data syncing to Cloud
  • Cloud Based Inspection and Reporting
  • Aerial Mapping and Topographical survey
  • 3D Profiling
  • Working on AI integration to automate the inspection by detecting the defects through machine learning.
  • Automated Flight planning
  • Cloud Based Inspection and Reporting
  • AI tool integration to detect the anomalies automatically
  • Cloud based dashboard to review 2d/3d, CAD drawings, perform various analytics like measurement, volumetric calculation, progress monitoring, land record overlay etc.
Services: Transmission Lines
  • High Voltage Transmission Inspection
  • Distribution Inspection
  • Substation Inspection
  • Vegetation Survey
  • Power generation: inspection of high and low-voltage electrical equipment, refractory lined vessels, steam driven equipment, and roof systems
  • Substations and switchyards: inspection of various conductor connections, switches, oil-filled tank equipment including breakers, transformers and voltage regulators, lightning arrestors, and capacitors

The transmission and distribution sector: inspection of overhead power line equipment ranging from lightning arrestors, transformers, breakers, switches, conductor connections, and capacitors.

  • Leaning Poles
  • Broken or Slack Stay Wires, Equipment On Poles
  • Encroachments
  • Physical Health of the Pole
  • Tree Trimming
  • Fuse Units
  • Air Break Switches
  • Anti-climbing Guards
  • Safety Notices
  • Broken or Chipped Insulators
  • Discoloration Due To Corrosion
  • Traces of Arcing
Aerial Mapping& Topographical Survey

Route alignment survey is most important part before finalizing the corridor for transmission line. Aerial survey is best suitable for this kind of survey to save money and time.

Orthomosaic (2D Model)

Transmission Inspection

Problematic Images

Rusting Rusting
Missing-Bolt Missing Bolt
Improper-binding-of-wires Improper binding of wires
Chipped-Insulator Chipped Insulator

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