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UAV Survey in Civil Engineering

Types: Green Field Survey, Existing road highway

Why use our UAVs?

  • Cost savings Get much more for less as UAV surveys are cheaper than conventional surveys and provide much more data.
  • See the unseen Get a bird’s eye view of inaccessible and otherwise difficult and tough to navigate locations.
  • Provide invaluable help to teams by capturing full image of the territory.
  • Better planning logistics, and decision making.
  • Keep Projects on time – Project managers get actual unbiased site data.
  • Identify problems from the comfort of your office.
  • Track Progress with monthly scheduled flights.
  • Keep your contractors in check – Ready reports of your site after each survey.
  • Share imaging with personnel on site, in headquarters and with sub-contractors.
  • Have control over project timing, equipment needs and challenges presented by the terrain.
  • Get the actual picture – Our UAV ortho rectified images provide a Ground resolution of 2-5cm which are much better than even the best available commercial satellites (Worldview 3 & 4 @ 30cm resolution)

Other benefits to surveying with drones include:

  • No Disruption - Our drone operator can work from a considerable distance and not worry about natural or artificial barriers to the sight lines.
  • Imagery - Images are high resolution and serve a variety of users. They can be transmitted, shared and printed. Software can turn them into topographical maps, heatmaps and more.
  • Risk - Drones present no safety risk for the operator and eliminates risks to ground and air personnel.
  • Environment Friendly – Our drones are battery operated which produce no toxic fumes
Phantom 4 Pro Drone

Types of services provided:

  • Geodetic Aerial Surveying: Surveys are carried out on a large scale with the help of control networks spanning over long distances.
  • Cadastral Surveying: Surveys are carried out to define land ownership and boundaries.
  • Aerial Topographical Surveying: Surveys are carried out to determine land structure along with variation in land heights.
  • As Built Surveying: Surveys are carried out after completion of a construction project to check variance from proposed design.
  • Photogrammetry: Orthoimage and 3D Point clouds
  • Videography: For Surveillance, demonstration, PR, flythrough and much more
DGPS survey

Typical Workflow:

  • Client shares KML (Centreline and width in case of linear alignment or boundary with buffer for other areas.
  • UAV team plans missions on our mobile applications and passes the information to ground survey team
  • Ground survey team then establishes benchmarks and TBMs for ground control points
  • UAV team mobilises and flies the pre-planned missions from appropriate locations on site.
  • We have the ability to even plan on our Mobile Applications. Videography missions are flown sequentially.
  • Data is brought back to our lab and processed on high end machines.
  • Ground control points are manually marked on images.
  • Orthorectification, point cloud cleaning is done using best software available in the industry.
  • Orthophotos are tiled for CAD compatibility
  • Drawing and drafting work is divided amongst the team
  • Workflow

    Aerial Topography Survey

    Our Deliverables

    2D Topo Drawing

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