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Power Plant Inspection & Mapping

GarudaUAV is doing a whole lot easier with safer, faster and less expensive by inspecting power plants, refineries and chemical plants. The GarudaUAV Inspection and Data Analytics Service uses drones to inspect boilers, tanks, pipes, cooling towers, pools, flare stacks, fluid cracking units and other plant assets without disturbing ongoing process.

GarudaUAV have on-board sensors which captures millions of high resolution visual/thermal images and videos of crucial section of the plant. With this imagery, we used to write details reports of present state equipment condition, recommend repairs, and replacement to our valuable customers.

We are also leveraging competencies and skills of our experts to take insights by using advanced data analytics to categorize the data imagery collected for further processing of machine learning to review potential problems like corrosion, leaks, cracks, which can’t be see to the naked eye.

Autopilot/Mission Planning Automated identification and data capture is foundation of the UAV inspection.(AIDC) refers to the methods of automatically identifying objects, collecting data of the surroundings, and entering them directly into computer systems, without any human intervention. The technology acts as a foundation in automated data collection, identification and analysis systems worldwide. UAV can perform autonomous flights, even taking off and landing, by geographical matching automatic control, GPS autonomous navigation and control, line tower automatic tracking technology.
Image transmission link and automated reporting- UAV can carry various types of cameras, such as Infrared camera, Thermal camera etc. which will send images measured in real time to the ground, so as to operator can analyse them.Report automation is the process of scheduling an existing report to automatically exhilarate and be delivered to specific places at a specific regular interval of time.
Target recognition- is the ability for the UAV to recognize targets or other objects based on data obtained from various sensors. It can recognize the corrosion on the exposed areas, missing flanges and bolts on the joints, gas leakages and vegetation encroachment, Inspection of areas difficult to reach, Preventative maintenance planning, Access to areas that pose health and safety risks to humans.
Non-contact detection technology- Drones with obstacle detection and collision avoidance sensors are becoming more prevalent in both the consumer and professional sectors. GarudaUAVdrones are obstacle avoidance enabled. It has 5 directions of obstacle sensing and 4 directions of obstacle avoidance, which is outstanding. It also has many intelligent flight modes, super smooth stability and top 4k camerawith obstacle detection and avoidance technology started with sensors detecting objects in front of the drone, this technology is the key of the UAV patrol.

Services offered by GarudaUAV for plant

Visual and Thermal Inspection

  • Some of the most common uses of UAVs are for the inspections of columns and flare stacks, pipes and pipe racks, storage tanks and environmental ponds. However, drones are also capable of performing site surveys, and can provide assistance in lay-down yards and material management. Since drones are capable of performing both visual and infrared inspections, their uses can vary considerably.
  • When focusing on inspection applications, some of the indications and defects that can be detected include corrosion, cracks, spillage, leaks and malfunctioning hardware (e.g., nuts, bolts, brackets and seals). Weld inspections are also becoming more common as camera payloads for UAVs become more advanced. Due to the ease of comparison and analysis, important insights into safety issues such as corrosion vulnerability, rates of corrosion, hotspots for cracks and estimated rates of crack propagation are becoming easier to obtain.
  • With advancements in GPS technology, photogrammetry has also become a useful tool for applications such as site surveys and material management. Some UAVs are capable of capturing data that can be used to make topographic maps and generate 3D models in which accurate distance, area and volumetric calculations can be made. These 3D models can also be exported and used in computer-aided drafting programs for renovation and/or expansion planning and design.
  • Infrastructure Inspection is most organised examination or formal evaluation exercise includes High-flying visual inspection of chimneys for detection of Cracks, Corrosion, Anomalies, Defects, Deformation, Foreign Objects etc. and drone inspection solution can perform a thermal inspection of heating pipelines, tanks, AC transformer, rooftops, fuses, pulley systems etc. Equipped with a thermal camera the drone can locate areas in the piping likely to fail and cause leakage to avoid any misfortune situation.

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