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Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Continuous monitoring and rigorous maintenance schedules are needed in the oil & gas industry. The operations and maintenance tasks are currently manual and inherently risky. The slightest miscalculation in maintenance can have potentially serious consequences. Besides, these O&M tasks are also expensive and time consuming.

We deploy drones to transform the inspections and maintenance tasks of various oil and gas assets like LNG terminals, well heads, pipelines, storage tanks, flare stacks, chimneys and offshore platforms.

Our drone-based and technology-enabled solutions make O&M tasks accurate, economical, scalable and wholly traceable from start to finish.

We detect faults like fluid leakages, gas leakages, spills, corrosion, hotspots, concrete chipping, cracks and many others. We greatly reduce the need for human intervention and deliver data and reports remotely. Talk to us today to see how our services can save you millions of dollars, thousands of man hours and boost workplace productivity and safety.

Survey & Mapping Services

  • Drone-based hindrance survey
  • Permit list generation using high resolution geo-referenced orthophoto
  • Pipeline route alignment
  • Aerial survey & topographical mapping
  • Digitising geo-referenced land records
  • Right of Way (RoW) profiling
  • Geodetic survey using
  • Execution monitoring
  • Project management

Inspection & Monitoring Services

  • Real-time progress monitoring
  • Sensor-based leakage and safety audits
  • Change detection
  • AI/IoT-based inspection reports
  • Safety and surveillance reporting
  • Safety and surveillance
  • Encroachment monitoring
  • API-based BIM integration

AI- based solution in Manufacturing Plants

  • Automated reporting for encroachment
  • Geo-tagging of plant and pipeline assets
  • Cloud-based centralised command centre
  • Automated project management
  • Automated operations & maintenance

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