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Coal and Mining


The mining industry faces many challenges – from risky operating environment to uncertainty around yields to fluctuating commodity prices. Miners must overcome these barriers to stay competitive. Seamlessly integrating drones into core mining operations can deliver significant business value and profitability.

Drones contribute to crucial mining operations: Real-time quarry monitoring, stockpile estimation and valuation, better inventory management, transparent operations data, haul road, water and sediment flow etc. Drones also help in hazard identification & mitigation (Trailing Dams).

We offer various drone data in orthomosaic, 3D-point cloud, DTM, DEM, DSM & 3D textured Mesh. Our wide range of services include:

Survey & Mapping

  • Topographical survey
  • Volumetric estimation
  • Toe and crest analysis
  • Environment Impact Analysis (EIA) support
  • Mine operations management
  • Project management

Inspection & Monitoring

  • Real time quantity estimation
  • Financial estimation of a given stockpile
  • Geo-tagging of stockpiles for easy location
  • Live footage for anti-pilferage operations
  • Safety and surveillance monitoring
  • Mine productivity & profitability analysis

AI–powered Mining Data Platform

  • Mine-specific drone missions
  • Geo-tagging of mines and stockpiles
  • Real-time progress monitoring
  • Change detection of stock piles
  • Automated cut-and-fill
  • Volumetric estimations
  • Automated mine operations management
  • Integration with customer ERP/SCM via API

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