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CellTower inspections

Telecommunication Tower Inspection

UAV based tower inspection reduces the risks and efforts with comparison to the traditional approaches like manually going to the top of tower through risky means that is time taken as well as infeasible technique. GarudaUAV , having latest as well as self customized infrared/Thermal imaging sensors that collect high definition data from various angles to produce desirable outputs. The collected data and the produced output are further examined by our image processing unit where experts identify the anomalies according to their priority order and suggest means to overcome them. Final and summarized report are created and delivered with different output and actual imagery. Our Tower inspection follows two approaches to survey. First one is our package and second is customized solution (any special requirements). GarudaUAV package includes figuring out heat generating areas and the level of heat generated, extra resistance parts, rusting of metals, electric joints failure, circuit break, signal blockage from transmitter through any physical means, birds, crakes etc. Through FPV/broadcast, experts note down the anomalies for the further reports. The data captured forecast upcoming situations that can results in expensive repair. Inspection and maintenance of tower regularly improve the maintenance cycle plan and efficient in all manner as compared with traditional approach of inspection as it provide much more data in a very less time, economic, safe and in a systematic manner .

Rapid Audit

  • Basic Site Overview (top down, safety climb)
  • Weather Damage
  • Birds Nests
  • Antenna Real-Estate
  • Port Plug / Coax Routing
  • Installation Verification
  • Climber Optimization
  • FAA Marking / Lighting

Detailed Audit

  • Rust / Corrosion
  • Antenna Labels
  • Birds Nests
  • Equipment Status Checks
  • Coax Weather proofing
  • Missing Bolts
  • Guyed Wire Health
  • Microwave Path
  • Mount Analysis

3D Model

  • Tower Mapping
  • Antenna Level Heights
  • Azimuth, Plumb, Tilt Angles
  • Measurements

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