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Solarpanel inspections

Solar Inspection

GarudaUAV conduct UAV/drone based solar panel inspection methods to detect the defected part of photovoltaic cells. Any defects on the solar panel like swirl defect, cell defects (scratched, cracked or broken cell) or dirt upon the surface area of photovoltaic cell results in hot places/hot spots which in turn produce heat. It is inconvenient to inspect, monitor and maintain large scale solar power plant through traditional methods like point to point inspection or any other manual inspection methods. UAV inspection forms an essential part of quality control methodology and periodic maintenance schedules. The cutting edge UAV technology at GarudaUAV provides an efficient method of validating new installations and helps to maintain maximum operational output from Data.

We at GarudaUAV have compact sets of high class thermal imaging; Geo tagged high resolution camera and control elements to inspect quickly a large area of the power plant. Thermal imaging detects defective panel cells, connection points and complete arrays that form individual electrical phases. During the flight we can control and monitor live images to produce fully radiometric data which will be the primary raw data. The data are further processed and analysed by our specialist at GarudaUAV so as to make final output polished, easy and comprehendible for the management. GarudaUAV Aerial infrared imaging linked to high definition image capture for inspection of photovoltaic modules are widely accepted as an easy, safe, less time consuming and efficient way of inspection.

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Solar Thermal Inspection

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